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Farfield Mill...

Afgelopen vrijdag heb ik mijn plank met 'Treasures' naar Utrecht gebracht.
Van daaruit gaat het mee naar Engeland voor de expositie in Farfield Mill...

Felt Through Contact - Viltkontaktgroep 20 Years On

Sat 18 Jan - Mon 21 Apr
On April 13th 1991 ten feltmakers gathered in the South of Holland. This was the very first time the so-called Dutch Felting Association (Viltkontaktgroep) met. Later that year a second meeting followed in the North of Holland, setting the tone for the years to come. Even now, in 2013, the members meet twice a year, somewhere in the Netherlands. They now number just over 500, some of those present at the very beginning still being a member to this day.

To be opened by Mary Burkett OBE President of the International Feltmakers Association 2.00p.m. Saturday 18 January.
Farfield Mill is the only venue in the UK for an exhibition which show-cases the work of 53 members of Viltkontactgroep a 500 strong group which is celebrating its 21st anniversary. A midwinter feast of creativity, colour and inspiration throughout the entire arts centre ranges from functional objects to fashion items to works of art – pots, hats, wall-hangings, jewellery, jackets, toys, cushions and not least exotic ball-gowns – illustrating beautifully a great number of felting techniques and what can be achieved by them. No piece of felt work is the same; the possibilities of wool are endless.
Workshops from beginners to experienced felters accompany the exhibition led by Farfield’s resident fibre artist Chrissie Day and Charity Van de Meer, both internationally known tutors and authors. Chrissie’s ‘A felted carpet bag in a day’ will run on 15th or 16th Feb, Charity’s workshops include the opportunity to make a unique waistcoat, creating structure and layers using silk fabric and fine wools – and no sewing!
For more information on the workshop programme click here.
To Watch a Video about the Dutch Exhibition held in 2013 click here

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